International Research and Learning

Faculty Development Seminars
The Center sponsors a Faculty Development Seminar every other year. The members of the Seminar travel to an international destination or set of destinations in order to enhance the international dimension of the Grinnell curriculum and individual faculty members' scholarship. Both before and after travel, members of the Seminar meet on a regular basis to discuss and measure curricular and scholarly outcomes.

Visiting scholars 
The Center brings prestigious international scholars and artists to campus to teach short courses or semester-long courses. Students can take classes with a German chemist, an Indian literary critic, or a Sri Lankan political scientist.

Heath Scholars 
Endowed in honor of John Reardon Heath, Grinnell Class of 1919, who was an active member and President of the Grinnell Board of Trustees and gave steadfast support to Grinnell’s long and continuing engagement with the world, the Heath Professorship bring to Grinnell College the most distinguished international figures for a semester-length stay. Heath Professors teach two courses during their stay (typically one course at the 200-level and one course at the 300-level). Like the International Visiting Fellows, each Heath Professor receives college housing, an office, and a Grinnell email account, along with an honorarium that is competitive with the salaries of Grinnell’s most senior professors.

Course-embedded travel
The Center also organizes course-embedded travel. A recent example: Professors Daniel Reynolds (German) and Jenny Anger (Art History) team-taught a course on the cultural and artistic history of Berlin. During the course of the Spring Break trip, the group met wit various German intellectuals, scholars and writers. This 2014-15 trip was the second iteration of the Reynolds-Anger team-taught course.  

International research experiences