Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Global Careers of Alumnus

Ahsan Rahim's '11 transformative experience at Grinnell shaped and strengthened his interests in finance.
Ahsan Rahim '11 came to Grinnell thinking he was going to major in phyiscs and math, typical majors for future engineers--a common career for boys from his hometown.

During his career at Grinnell, he landed an internship in New York City in alternative investments for TIAA-CREF through the GrinnellLink Internship page. In spite of the immense pleasure he experienced working at TIAA-CREF, Rahim still decided to continue with his plan of going through the 3-2 engineering program.

However, the summer after his junior year at Dartmouth College, he landed another internship in market risk for securitized products with Deutsche Bank. This experience convinced him to return to Grinnell and switch his previous majors to economics.

Since graduating from Grinnell, Rahim worked for AllianceBernstein as a portfolio analyst in New York until he enrolled in University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School earlier this year.

Although he is not an engineer today, Rahim is grateful for his time spent at Dartmouth, which helped him diversify his education and convinced him to not follow his previous pursuit of becoming an engineer. He also credits a lot of his current experience in the finance world to the sociology and psychology courses he took at Grinnell, which has helped him understand the complexities of different individuals and groups involved with finances.

To read more about his story, click HERE.

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